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Who we are

We implement simple and highly effective solutions

Fix Partners Advisors designs and executes concrete action plans to restore its clients' profitability and sustainability in the short term. Fix Partners Advisors, a consultancy firm specialised in supporting companies with transitory problems in their financial and/or operational results.

It stands out for having a practical and realistic vision of its clients' problems, backed by the combined experience of more than 70 years in executive and senior management positions, as well as more than 25 years in management positions of its founder.

Unlike other consultancy firms, Fix Partners Advisors has "hands-on" experience in complex problems of large and medium-sized companies that allows it to implement simple and highly effective solutions. Fix Partners Advisors is always coordinating with the client to ensure that the execution is correctly implemented.

Ernesto Solís


The company is founded in Santiago de Chile
Founding members of TMA Chile
Creation of Fix Analytics
Our perspective
We target companies that:
  • They are growing at a slower rate or are unable to capture business upside.

  • They need to know in detail what is affecting their business.

  • They require to maintain and/or to ensure successful performance in the long term.

  • They need to quantify and to exploit market opportunities.

  • They have a problem with project implementation.

  • They need a good diagnosis, and a implementation process to capture all benefits.

  • They require the presence of senior c-level team of consultants

  • They want to invest affordable fees.

  • We have professionals with real and successful management experience in senior positions, in a variety of industries and settings.

  • We believe in our recommendations and we implement our solutions.

  • We are not only consultants, we are also executers.

  • We are driven by the achievement of results, which is why we dare to link part of our fees to their fulfilment.

Values and Purpose

We are humble and resilient.
We are passionate about serving businesses and their owners.
We take on complex client situations and lead the process.
We transform our recommendations into tangible results.
We help build better companies for a better world.

We believe in a pay-for-performance reward system. We are paid once our clients achieve their goals.

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