We deliver 100% online solutions without installing anything.

FixAnalytics focuses on delivering advanced analytics models, through a web-based interface or on-demand application, we call this MaaS.

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  • We deliver Models as a Services solutions.
  • Based on the machine learning needs of our customers.
  • For the development of clients’ business insights, based of our analytics products.
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • We deliver business intelligence solutions for decision making.
  • Based on the analysis of internal and external variables, as well as strategic kpi’s.
  • For the development of our clients' business.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • We generate artificial intelligence solutions.
  • Based on multilayer, convolutional and recurrent neural networks,
  • For the solution of classification, forecasting, segmentation, automatic translation problems.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • We develop machine learning solutions.
  • Using supervised, unsupervised or reinforcement algorithms.
  • For the design of solutions in data mining, Big-Data, speech recognition, recommendation systems.
Mathematical Model

Mathematical Model

  • We design mathematical, quantitative or qualitative models.
  • Using descriptive or optimization techniques.
  • In microeconomic analysis, graph models, game theory, engineering design and computer science.
Data Governance

Data Governance

  • We develop data governance solutions.
  • That standardize the capture of information and make it available for efficient and productive use of data.
  • To generate high added value in the business.

Model as a Service: DesignBuild and Deploy

Workflow of a MaaS-type model.

We integrate data from the different sources you already use.

FixAnalytics builds bridges to access all your data sources using your applications' APIs and connectors.

Sales Analytics

Sales Force Incentives Plan, to leverage the impact of sales force incentive program. Sales Force and OH Sizing, to reduce overhead sizing. Sales Force Productivity, to boost sales per sales rep. Sales Force Turnover, to decline top rep sales attrition. Sales Demand Forecasting, to project sales by product, segment and distribution channel.

Operations Analytics

Supply Chain, to enhance end-to-end supply chain system. Logistic, to reduce logistic cost. Inventories, to reduce inventories assets.

Financial Analytics

Cash Flows, To optimize operational cash flows by Working Capital Ratio (WCR) and Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC). Marketing Campaigns, to gain new clients by defining ket elements of marketing efforts. Credit & Default Risks, to reduce firm risk exposure to client's default.

Human Resources Analytics

Employee Engagement, To amplify employee loyalty and satisfaction. Employee Turnover, To help predicts future workload and reduces employee churn. Team Capabilities, To identify core competencies of workforce. Organizational Culture, to assess and to understand better the culture at your workplace.

Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing, To optimize online digital marketing investment. Channel Distribution, To develop efficient channel mix. Segmentation, To define the right cluster of clients to target. Pricing, To elaborate the adequate pricing strategy to each customer segments. New Product Development, To increase success probability for new products. Customer Insights, to understand customer needs and wishes.

Industry Analytics

HealthCare, Retail, Mining, Banking, Financial, Services, Customer Goods, Telcom,, Educational.

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